Banner Size Examples and Design Ideas

The banners shown below are the exact same sizes listed in the Local City Media Banner Exchange. The most basic banner can be made with a paint program or photo editing software. The banners below are are in a “gif” format, keeping the image size small for a faster loading time.

These banners are ads of other Banner Exchange Users and they are a great resource for ideas in designing your own. Button and Square banners are designed to be shown in the side bar area of a blog or website. Buttons and Squares can also be used in an article or text block letting the text wrap around it. Full and Half size banners are for the top area of a blog or website, just under the header or menu bar.

Button 01 – 120 x 90

Button 02 – 120 x 60

Full Banner – 468 x 60

Half Banner – 234 x 60

Square 01 – 125 x 125

Square 02 – 180 x 180

For a banner to be effective it needs to be located Above the Fold. The Fold is the area of a website that is visible on the screen without scrolling. An example would be a newspaper, only seeing the visible area Above the Fold.

If you would like us to make banners for you, Please Contact Us for a quote. We can use your logo, images or ad slogan along with colors to match your website or business.

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