Basic Banner Design Guidelines for Ad Effectiveness

Have a Professional Look:
People will get their first impression about your website from the look of your banner design, so you will need to be sure it represents your website in every possible way. You need to be especially careful that your grammar and spelling are correct too. Who is your target audience? This will give you a good starting point for a color scheme, the best font sizes and styles. Select your fonts that maximize your ad’s appeal. If your banner looks like it has been assembled without care, people will assume that your website has too.

Keep it Simple:
Your banner design has just seconds to make an impression. The banner design must be able to deliver the ads message in a short amount of time. The ad should be clear and to the point, this will increase your chances that the viewer will get your message. The message should be written in the fewest and simplest words possible. Just because you have room for more words doesn’t mean you should. Once the potential customer clicks on the banner and goes to your website, then you will have ample time for more detail.

Have a Call to Action:
What do you want people to do when they see your banner? You want them to “Click” on it, of course, so be sure your banner says so. This is so important that the banner design have a call to action. Use catch phrases like “Click Now” “Join Now” “Learn More” built in to the banner entices potential customers to act.

Use Words that get Attention or Invoke an Emotion:
Words like “Free”, “Limited Time” “Special Offer”, “Secrets” to grab the reader’s attention and increase their curiosity in the offer. Write down a few slogans and read them to your friends and family. This technique saves time: Were they interested or excited about the offer? If not, then most likely nobody else will.

Emphasize the Positive, The Benefits, not the Features:
Banner designers and advertisers figured it out a long time ago. People want to know upfront how this product and/or service can simplify their life. Make your banners design clear to what your site is about.

Test your Banners:
The internet and software companies have made designing a banner ad so easy and fast that you should start with several designs, using different styles, fonts, colors and slogan’s. Run each banner for a few weeks to collect data, such as the CTR (click through rate). Review your findings and determine which banners had success and then refine your ads and test them again.

Good Luck
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