What is a Banner Exchange?

A Banners Exchange is a network of webmasters and website owners who have joined together to promote their online business through the display of banner ads, also known as “impressions” on their websites. These websites in turn receive credits from impressions which are converted into banner ad impressions on other websites.

The easiest way to explain what a banner exchange is: “I will show banners ads on my site in exchange for my banners ads being shown on your site.” That seems easy enough,

Most Banner exchange programs are simple and easy to use. The exact ratio here is a 2 to 1 ratio, by posting two banner ads on your site for every one of yours posted on another site, is a typical arrangement This is how the exchange program makes a profit or creates addition banner credits to promote the banner exchange itself. This arrangement also opens up more banner ad space than actual banner ads needed for its members. The extra banner ad credits can be sold to paying advertisers which in turn helps you and the banner exchange. The extra credits that are not used by advertisers are redistributed to the banner exchange users.

Most banner exchange programs are fairly similar. For every banner ad you plan to display, the exchange will provide you with a small snippet of HTML code which is inserted into a web page on your site. This code is the instructions for the visitor’s web browser to bring up a banner ad from the banner exchanges program server. This enables the exchange program to rotate banner ads on cue for the viewed website. The banner exchange will monitor the success of the banner ads for its members and by following the statistics will help you determine the effectiveness of your banner.

How effective is a banner exchange? On average, the CTR (Click Through Rate) is somewhere around 40:1, impressions to clicks. This can be different based on your banners ad design, slogan, etc. The Local City Media Banner Exchange offers graphs and charts showing you how your ad campaign is doing, You might think that’s a good deal, you might not. You can make your own decision.

The advantage of joining a banner exchange program is it’s a free way to get other sites to post your banner ads. The disadvantage is losing a viewer when they click out through the banner ad currently showing on your site. Remember, it is a two way street, give and take, think of it as a partnership with other exchange members and not as competitors.

All Banner Exchange Networks are different from simply swapping links or ads. As the membership of the banner exchange grows there is the potential for your ad to be shown on hundreds of other sites. The use of categories or ad zones within the banner exchange enables you to target potential customers in your local business area.

The Local City Media Banner Exchange is not a typical banner exchange as we only work with local webmasters and advertisers in the following cities and counties.

Local City Media Banner Exchange Advertising Area:
Cabarrus County (North Carolina) – Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis
Gaston County (North Carolina) – Gastonia
Iredell County (North Carolina) – Mooresville, Statesville
Lancaster County (South Carolina) – Lancaster
Lincoln County (North Carolina) – Lincolnton
Mecklenburg County (North Carolina) – Charlotte, Huntersville
Rowan County (South Carolina) – Salisbury
Union County (North Carolina) – Monroe
York County (South Carolina) – York

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